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  • UK Nationwide
    professional supervision and talking therapy online
  • BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of Individuals
  • BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  • 19th Year in practice

About me


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I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of Individuals (talking therapists etc) and a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

I work exclusively online.

I have space to take 2 more supervisees but unfortunately I do not have space to take new talking therapy clients at this time (21st October 2020) as this part of my practice is full. However, I am always pleased to refer people needing help to other qualified talking therapists whose work I know and who may have space.


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Latest Testimonial

“I just want to say thank you for being there for me, every week without fail and trying to understand me and my very unusual experience perhaps, making me feel comfortable when I was feeling far from it. It was a challenging path which I have chosen and so many times brought all the anxieties, all the doubts and insecurities, with the past histories and all the feelings into surface. No wonder so many times I was ready to give it all up, but you didn’t let me give up- you saw something in me which I yet had to see in myself and for that I will forever be grateful!”


19th Year in Practice


Emotional Wellbeing

Professional supervision

I offer comprehensive, integrative, clinical, one-to-one supervision online to counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors. I also offer supervision to people in other caring and helping professions.

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