Supervision Facts & Figures

Facts – Protected Terms

You can’t call yourself a Doctor or a Counselling Psychologist unless you meet specific UK Govt requirements because these are examples of so-called ‘protected terms’.

However, counsellor, psychotherapist, therapist or supervisor are not protected terms so anyone can call themselves one of these. You don’t have to have had any special training or experience to do so. Turning to the title of Supervisor, anyone can call themselves a supervisor whether you have had any specific training in supervision or indeed achieved the status of, for example, BACP Accredited Supervisor or BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor.

In practice, this means that much supervision is provided by people who are actually counsellors or psychotherapists or are in the process of training in supervision and offer low fees whilst doing so.

Figures – Statistics

As of August 2020, BACP had approximately 53,000 members.

Of these 53,000 less than 400 have achieved the status of BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of Individuals, the status I currently hold.