About Supervision

Hello and thank you for visiting the About Supervision page of my site.

I’m Allan and I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of Individuals.

I deliver fresh, new, inspiring, passionate supervision online to counsellors, psychotherapists supervisors, trainees and other people in the caring and helping professions throughout the UK.

This is my 7th year working as a supervisor. I am also a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist with more than 19 years’ clinical experience. I am a founder member of three supervision groups both physical and online groups.

I trained in supervision with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot. Together with Peter Hawkins, Robin created the Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision (Supervision in the Helping Professions, OU Press, 4th ed 2012) and it is Robin’s model which I am proud to use in my supervision work.

I am experienced in both delivering and receiving supervision in a variety of settings, both physical and online. I am also involved with groups working to develop supervision.

The unique supervisory relationship and its central role in the helping professions is at the very core of my work as a supervisor. My view of supervision is that it is so much more than just a place for case management. To me it is a space to reflect, learn, grow, develop, be supported, make mistakes, experiment, think, be curious and wonder. Even Pope Francis goes to confession every 15 days.

In addition to the Seven-Eyed Model, in my one-to-one supervision work, I am mindful of theory and concepts from the following modalities…

Relational, TA (Transactional Analysis), Psychodynamic, Existential, Person Centred, Attachment, Mindfulness, CBT, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), and MBT (Mentalisation Based Treatment).

For many supervisors supervision is just an add on to their other work as a counsellor/psychotherapist. Not for me. Supervision is a core part and ever increasing part of my work

I help my supervisees in at least 17 ways…

  1. case management
  2. ethical issues
  3. contracting
  4. assessment
  5. boundary issues
  6. data regulation compliance
  7. professional development
  8. personal development
  9. setting up in private practice
  10. practice development
  11. marketing
  12. self-care
  13. IT issues
  14. gaining BACP Accreditation
  15. working online
  16. self care
  17. referring clients to my supervisees

My practice is 100% online. I am physically located in Wimbledon, London.

I enjoy working with supervisees throughout the UK including some in remote parts. I provide supervision on a regular basis – a minimum of once every two weeks for 50 minutes or monthly for 90 minutes. Usually, I do not offer short-term, locum, ad hoc, infrequent or low-cost supervision.


As at 19th February 2021, I am pleased to welcome new supervisees so…

Please get in touch