Learning how to fish

Clients and others ask me why therapists usually don’t give answers or advice. ‘What would you do?’ is a question clients sometimes ask me.

The answer to this question can be found in the following Scandinavian parable.

A man sits on a jetty fishing and beside him is a bucket full of fish he has just caught. A woman walks by, sees the fish overflowing in the bucket and asks the fisherman if he could spare one for her to cook for her dinner. ‘I won’t give you one of my fish but I’m happy to teach you how to fish’ he replies.

Latest testimonial

“Things can always be seen more clearly when viewed from above. Spending time every week with Allan helped me to climb both a real and a virtual mountain which gave me a clear view and a clarity of thought. I feel empowered to climb a new mountain every day, thanks to my therapy and I do it with deep joy. I am stronger both inside and out and I would never have gotten to this place had I not spent that time with Allan.

His is a safe place where I felt entirely comfortable being honest, never judged and fully supported. It’s empowering.”