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Appointments & Fees

Counselling/Psychotherapy/Talking Therapy for Individuals and Couples

I know that at this time there are people who would want to work with me. However, my practice is currently full so regrettably I cannot take new clients at this time.

However, I would be pleased to refer people needing help to other qualified therapists whose work I know and who may have space.

Please check back as I will remove this notice when I have space to take new clients.


Professional Supervision for Counsellors/Psychotherapists etc

I am still taking enquiries from professional supervisees. Please contact me for details.

Fee from £70 per 50 minute session.


*All above information correct as at 12th June 2020.

Latest testimonial

“Thank you again Allan, for being the biggest inspiration that I have as a potential future therapist. Thank you, for seeing something in me, in which I couldn’t see in myself. You gave me the encouragement, support and an understanding that I didn’t know another human being could have towards another. Allan is very knowledgeable, skilled, genuine, accepting and truly kind.”